Monday, 23 November 2015

Part 3: Where is Heaven and Hell?

I found the Heaven and Hell

Its a much seeked place and its believed that the heaven is up in the space and hell is the fire below the world.

But no, its not there -

1st : This is a fact that Everyone in this world dies, there is no denying of it by any1.

So clearly that makes each and every1's life precious, every tick tock is more precious than any gold or materials in this world.

The world we create in this lifetime can go down in 2 directions:

1. The life i want to live                    or
2. The life others set for me to live

Option 1
Now if i choose option 1, then this precious life is going to be heavenly.
My eyes create Heaven for me here in this world. My approach to this world will be postivity. You are god, and u create the rules of ur own life.

Option 2
Now if i chose option 2, then i am never happy and this life is going to be miserable. I
would be a slave to others aspirations and i would feel sorrow and pain always and this life is always going to be Hell.

The Heaven and Hell is here in this earth itself, its how u wish it or transform it to be.

Part 2: DO u beleive in god?

Now to the part Yes - "I believe in God"

Mine definition for God is some1 who is powerful, whom i respect, get my inspiration from, and whose method i like to follow .

Jesus is God for me.
Buddha is God for me
Gandhi is God for me
Mother Teresa is God for me.
Tesla is God for me.
Einstein is God for me.
Steve Jobs is God for me.

Do you beleive in God?

Do u beleive in god?
Yes and No , depends on the question define "what is God?".

If God is "a supernatrual being in space" that controls every aspect of my life and
provides me support - then ans is no.

I dont beleive in fairy tales to be true though its a great story to hear.

Now am i right there is no "supernatural being in space"? - Hell no i'm not right.

so that means i am wrong? - Again Hell no, I am not wrong either becoz others cant prove

that supernatural being exists either.

NO one knows if "a supernatural being exists or not" so no parties are right. This is a

mystery. Unless some1 can prove scientifcally otherwise.

Now scientifically means that it can be tested by any1 in this whole world and result

from the test is same no matter who tests it. Like say when Farady stated electricity

produces magnetic field this can be proved  by any1 from anywhere in the world and even