Sunday, 13 March 2016

Part 4: What is "Live ur Life, the way u want it to be ?

Now living the life the way i want it to be means that i am  going to be instantly and always happy.

ans is No.

Just becoz i decided to live my life the way i want to be doesn't mean everything works and turns up they way i wanted it to be.

In 100% cases it doesnt turn up they way i wanted it to be.
Things Fail due to multitude of reasons:

  1. Lack of skills
  2. Lack of Patience
  3. Loss of Motivation
  4. Inherent physical difficulty 
  5. Person whom i trusted was a cheat or
  6. External Calamaties
  7. Stock Market collapsed so my great business failed
  8.  . .. list goes on etc .etc...

The Key is Purpose and Passion. then ur always determined no matter what the consequences are and u will keep persisting. This continued persistence will ultimately reach you to ur goal.

This struggle to acheive ur goal that u wanted is what makes this life very interesting
and its acheivment that makes you happy.

For eg:
If I am staying in Saudi Desert, and what i wanted was just a 'banana'. i decided to go back and settle in kerala and in my house now there is always 'Banana'.

Now will this make me happy or not depends on the effort required to acheive it.

Like initial levels in video games are boring but later when the difficulty increases; the finishing of unplayable levels is what make us happy and the game interesting.

Life is hard but to live the life the way u wanted to be and to strive for ur passion and purpose is what makes this life interesting.

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